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The Growing Popularity of IV Bars

The increasing popularity of IV bars

We’ve all heard of oxygen bars, but the newest trend is the IV bar. They’re sweeping the nation and people are talking about the health benefits they offer. Are IV bars the latest hype? Or, do they really boost the immune system?

What Are IV Bars?

IV therapy is used in hospitals to rehydrate patients and give them a boost of the vitamins and minerals they’re lacking. Independent clinics have begun to offer IV therapy to people outside of the hospital environment. There are also companies which provide home visits to clients.

The bars work by inviting clients to sit for around 45 minutes while they receive the IV fluids. People use the bars as an alternative to taking vitamin tablets because they can absorb the nutrients quicker. Vitamins and minerals increase cell function, which means the organs in our bodies work better.

The Uses of IV Therapy

In some of the big US cities, IV bars are making a name for themselves as miracle hangover cures. People can enjoy a night out drinking, then visit a bar the next morning. The IV therapy rejuvenates them and stops the headaches, sickness and other hangover symptoms.

There are many other reasons people choose to use IV bars, so it’s not all about poor lifestyle choices. Individuals with nutrient-absorption disorders can visit the bars to replenish their system and maintain their mineral levels. IV bars can help reduce the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, migraines, and fibromyalgia. People also use IV bars for athletic and cosmetic purposes.

What the drips contain depends on the patient’s aim. There are many combinations which contain the most vital vitamins and nutrients. Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and B vitamins are common. The Myer’s cocktail is one of the most popular options for people. It’s used for pain management and improves the mood of patients with fibromyalgia.

Types of IV Therapy

Clinics across the country offer a wide range of treatments for patients. The most popular are hangover cures and weight loss bags which contain amino acids and carnitine. There are also immune boosting bags containing vitamins with zinc and healing bags for faster recovery after surgery. They contain anti-inflammatory ingredients and are beneficial for people who want to reduce swelling and bruising.

The Risks of IV Therapy

While IV therapy offers many benefits, it’s important to consider the risks. Some people visit the bars instead of choosing to live a healthier lifestyle. Drinking large amounts isn’t good for the liver. While IV bags can rehydrate a person, they cannot reverse the long-term effects of excessive alcohol intake.

There’s also speculation that clinics are using the service for profit and don’t have health concerns on their agenda. Clients can pay hundreds of dollars for treatments but they might not be receiving care from experts. It’s less expensive to make positive lifestyle changes but people prefer an easier option.

Taking any fluids in excess can impact our health and it’s no different with vitamins and minerals. There are many warnings about moderating our supplement intake and experts believe that excess vitamins can increase cancer risks.

Things to Consider when Considering IV Therapy

Before visiting an IV clinic, there are some vital things to consider:

Is IV Therapy Suitable?

For some people, IV therapy could cause more harm than good. Congestive heart failure is a serious condition and excess fluid intake causes strain on the body. If the IV therapy isn’t performed by a licensed nurse or practitioner, there might be skin damage. It’s, therefore, important to ensure the clinic is reputable.

If a person has severe sickness and dizziness, they should always visit a hospital for treatment. IV clinics cannot provide a diagnosis so seek professional advice when needed.

Is the Clinic Reputable?

There are loads of clinics around but some aren’t regulated. Anyone who visits a clinic should check to see if they perform a medical assessment first. It’s also beneficial to check the company’s reviews and ask to see their staff members’ certifications.

Will IV Therapy Work?

There’s never a miracle cure for anything and it’s the same with IV clinics. Yes, they can rejuvenate the body and make a person feel healthier, but they don’t offer a cure. The most important thing someone can do is follow a healthy diet, drink in moderation and exercise.

Contact Wellness by Design Today for Your IV Needs

IV therapy has loads of benefits and the growing popularity is due to so many positive reviews. However, it should be regarded as a quick fix and not a long-term solution. Use the form below to request more information or schedule an appointment at our conveniently located Greenville office.



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