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Our Happy Patients

I have been under Dr. Casebolt’s care for 6 years. I just turned 70. I was having problems with low energy and remembering names and words. Because I was 64, I was told that was natural. Dr. Casebolt did a complete work up. She put me on a hormone toque and thyroid medication. Today, I feel great and my memory is back!

Amanda dyer and Dr. casebolt and the front desk are all so helpful. The have all helped me tremendously. Thank you forum health!

The NP was very knowledgeable, ask lots of questions and was just wonderful.

Excellent! Staff very personable each and every time from the front of the office and all throughout!

Very friendly staff!

Great place to go if you want to aim for optimal health at any age!

Dr. Casebolt is phenomenal! In just two visits I'm feeling so much better.

I drive over 2 hours to come to Forum Health. It’s well worth the time and money. They take time to listen to your health concerns and recommend an individualized treatment plan specific to you.

I love all the people who work there. They genuinely are interested in you and how the procedures are going. It’s nice to know that they care about you! I’ve been going to Forum Health for a long time. Even my husband is taking advantage of the hormone treatments they offer. It’s made a difference in our lives by keeping us healthy and feeling great as we age for both of us! The results of the semaglutide treatments are great. I lost 15 lbs in 5 weeks and felt great the whole time. From nutrition to iv treatments and to all of the other things they offer, you will see the results and feel the results. It’s a big boost for those of us who are 60 because the supplements they have will keep you feeling young again instead of getting into the thoughts of “this is how I’m supposed to feel. No! You will feel more vibrant and healthy! Check it out. You won’t regret it.

You can trust your health to Dr. Connie Casebolt and her Forum Health team. Dr. Casebolt is on the cutting edge of healthcare especially for women. Men benefit also. Invest in your health and wellbeing at Forum Health. We are fortunate there is a location in Greenville SC.

I drive 1.5 hours to see the ladies at Forum Health. They are fantastic - hormone and female medical experts. They listen to me take time with me to find the best solutions for each individual. Being able to have this attention to detail as they treat my many menopause issues has been truly LIFE CHANGING for me. Thank you Connie and Amanda for all that you do.

My life has changed so much since I have been going to Forum Health for Hormone Replacement Pellets. I feel so much better. They initially said my bloodwork showed my hormones were depleted and I could tell in the way that I felt that what they said was true. I have been receiving the pellets a couple of years now and do not ever plan to give them up.

The folks at Forum Health are so nice and welcoming. they make things informative and easy!

Dr. Casebolt has been so very helpful to me. I feel & function much better.

Great staff, very professional, great service and excellent experience.

Dr. Connie is consistent looking for the best way to meet our needs. We have found solutions to manage our health & enjoy our senior years. Her staff is amazing.

I have been nothing but pleased! I researched BHRT for a year before I finally decided to try it. I wish I had done it a year earlier. My energy level came back. The brain fog lifted, and let’s just say my husband has enjoyed the benefits as well. I didn’t realize how important a role balanced hormones have with your body. I’m able to lose weight and I feel like I have my zest for life back. I am 53 and had a complete hysterectomy at age 45. This will be something that we constantly budget for each month. My husband started with BHRT and he has seen similar results with his energy level and focus. It has totally changed our lives and relationships. Dr. Casebolt is so friendly and easy to talk with. If you are on the fence or have doubts I assure you you will not regret doing it!

Amanda is the BEST. She's so smart. Takes a ton of time to explain things and answer questions. Love Forum Health staff as well.

Great service, and better health!

I would and have recommended GFH. The staff is great and Dr.Connie Casebolt is caring, astute and knows her field immensely. You will get results that you want I have.

I'm so grateful to Forum Health! Dr. Casebolt and the staff are the most amazing people! The services offered are top tier. I started menopause 2 years ago and Forum Health literally saved my life! Thank you Forum Health and staff! ❤️

Awesome care by these guys and the results are better than expected.

I have been a patient for about 10 years.. Wonderful doctor nurse practitioner and staff.. I'm on HRT and I feel great.

Staff is super friendly and they do a great job of insuring you know what they are doing and why. Every appointment is easy and quick!

I love coming here. I am currently on a weight loss program and I’m seeing big results. Everyone is always very nice and willing to answer questions.

Dr.Connie and the staff are absolutely amazing. Forum Health has changed my life tremendously. They are such a caring team of medical staff and have such professionalism. There is no place like Forum Health. I just wanted to say thank you so much Dr. Connie and the Forum Health team. My wife and I are truly blessed to have guidance for our health from Forum. Also, Dr. Connie is one of the most smartest and knowledgeable Physicians I know. I have had care with other Physicians and did not get the treatment I needed. Thank you Dr. Connie for all your help and the team!

Knowledgeable and caring! I’ve been going since March 2023 and already feel like a new person. Highly recommend!

Very friendly, very helpful, very informative. I am excited to get my health back on track through them.

I've been seeing Dr. Caseboldt for 5 or 6 years and then last April (2022) I had a heart attack. The cardiologist was insisting that I have triple bypass. Instead Dr. Connie helped with Plaquex infusions and diet. Today my heart is almost free of calcium/plaque and I no longer need surgery. Praise the Lord and His grace and mercy.

I can’t live without it. The hormone replacement gives me energy, I sleep better, I have no hot flashes or mood swings, and my sex drive is like it was when I was 30. Ladies, treat yourself to something that makes you feel incredible again. With the Hormone Pellets, my husband and I have a totally new level of sexual vitality. We actually have our marriage back! Thanks Wellness by Design and my husband thanks you too.

Dr. Connie is by far the most experience practioner I have ever had. I have known her for around 15 years and when I need help with my Hashimoto's, I would only seek her out. She is an amazing person and Doctor. I have recommended her and Forum Health to a lot of people struggling with conditioners. Well worth the 6 hr. drive for me..

Dr. Connie and her staff are great. Dr. Connie has helped me so much as a whole. I turned 51 in January and I have gained so much weight. I also have chronic plantar fasciitis double whammy. Dr. Connie suggested I start eating whole plant based foods. She said not only will I lose weight but the inflammation in my body will go away. I’m looking forward to feeling better.

One of the best experiences you will have in your life. Dr. Connie is so completely knowledgeable in every concern you may have. I am in awe of her absolute desire to get me on the right track to better health with her kindness and sincere care for me as a person.

I've had several wonderful experiences with Dr. Connie. She has really helped me with several challenges and now I feel more balanced. I also had to do some work on me-my diet, exercise, and preventative measures. Dr. Connie blessed me with her knowledge, expertise and excitement. As a result, I have referred several of my family members and my colleagues to her. Thank you, Dr. Connie.


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