Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration in Greenville, SC Better than hair transplants for thinning hair

Better than hair transplants for thinning hair, Hair Restoration Therapy can be done using either your own blood-derived growth factors or a regenerative product used extensively in the cosmetic world to rejuvenate body tissue. Either substrate will improve your ability to grow back your own natural hair quickly and effectively. 

When applied to a scalp that has just been microneedled, the growth factors from either product stimulate the follicles to come back to life resulting in a much more luxurious head of hair, with no side effects. 

Happy Patients

The results are unbelievable, by my second appointment my hair was noticeably thicker. I cant stop running my hands through it, I love my hair again!   -Jane


How It Works

Step One

If using your own blood growth factors, a special collection tube is used to draw your blood and is placed into a centrifuge. If using the regenerative product, the vial is removed and allowed to start thawing to room temperature. 

Meanwhile, we have taken your before pictures and applied a very strong numbing cream to your scalp. 

Step Two

If using blood-derived growth factors, after 2 separate centrifugation spins of 10 minutes each, the platelets are fully concentrated and drawn up into a syringe. If using the regenerative product, the thawed vial is taken to the treatment room. 

Step Three

Using a sterile skin pen, a microneedling procedure is done on your scalp. The microneedling creates inflammation and tiny, microscopic channels into the scalp. After the microneedling, the serum is applied topically and massaged into the scalp.   

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