IV Therapy for Addiction Cures

IV Therapy for Addiction Cures

Wellness by Design provides successful addiction treatment for Greenville, South Carolina residents. The treatment takes less time, reduces the likelihood of relapsing and has less side effects compared to standard addiction treatment options.

Traditional addiction cures often relies on medication to address the issues stemming from withdrawal. We use IV therapy for addiction to not only treat painful withdrawal symptoms, but to also replenish the neurotransmitters that have been eliminated due to heavy abuse.

Before breaking down the IV therapy for addiction procedure, it’s important to understand how damages your mind and the role IV therapy plays in repairing the damage. Free Consultation Click to Download Patient Form

What Our Clients Are Saying

My brain feels sharp again. Alive with possibilities. I don’t have to go to meetings and talk ad nauseam about my past use. It’s just over. I no longer need marijuana. My brain just won’t allow it. The NAD procedure has created a new person. I am normal once again and it feels amazing. – Cliff H.

Having been a severe alcoholic for years I was initially skeptical. I had tried every program out there and NOBODY ever told me that a simple 10-day IV program of some nutrients could make such a difference. However, I did my due diligence and read others’ success stories and decided to go for it. Amazingly I had no compulsion to drink at the end of the first day. My mind was quiet! No more racing thoughts and negativity. I now have energy and motivation and ZERO cravings. Now after four months, I am completely free from the grips of alcohol in every way. – Alan D. 

How Does IV Therapy Help with Addictions?

Addictions can mimic, stimulate, or suppress different neurotransmitters. Addictions can gradually decrease the brain cells’ natural ability to send or receive signals. The nervous system then becomes physically dependent on the substance, continuing to rely on it to maintain feelings of normalcy and to avoid withdrawal.

Unfortunately, no matter how much the addict wants to overcome addiction, the altered neuroreceptors can’t function, which continues the addiction cycle. Some common withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Shaky hands
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Sweating and Insomnia

IV therapy for addiction serves as a way to prevent these cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Benefits of IV Therapy for Addictions

IV Therapy uses amino acids, vitamins and minerals to address both the causes and symptoms of addiction. The infusion of beneficial nutrients is able to replenish the brain’s desperately lacking neurotransmitters. Using these nutrients will cut down on the amount of time necessary to remove cravings.

NAD: The Treatment for Addictions

NAD occurs naturally in every cell in your body but unfortunately, drugs, alcohol, stress, medications, chronic illness and age all contribute to a decrease in our NAD stores. As NAD goes down, so does our energy. Cells age and deteriorate, symptoms develop and illnesses are diagnosed.

Compelling research has shown that supplementing with NAD may help slow down the aging process as well as help you safely withdraw from addiction. Addiction therapy generally requires between 10-14 consecutive days of NAD therapy. We combine this with amino acids and minerals for full effect.

IV Therapy for Addiction Procedure

NAD IV therapy involves one 8-hour infusion per day for a period of 3-14 days—depending on the condition. Each patient receives a thorough evaluation by our medical staff first to determine the exact blend of nutrients. At the beginning of each day, a trained nurse will insert an IV and begin to slowly drip in the NAD mixture. Patients can comfortably relax for the duration of the IV in their own private room. Withdrawal signs of addiction go down approximately 70-80% on the first day and continue to decline as the therapy progresses.

Between the fourth and eighth day, patients usually report feeling better, with increased mental clarity. However, in order for the addiction treatment to work properly, patients must complete each infusion process in order to eliminate addiction.

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