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LightStim Therapy

Experience a glow that lasts for days!

Do you want to experience more vibrant skin and a tighter, firmer complexion?

LightStim therapy safely treats inflammation for anti-aging, acne or pain and provides a soothing and relaxing patient experience. 

How does it work?

Studies have shown that low level light therapy can stimulate the body’s cells, activating their own natural processes for healing, rejuvenation and optimal function. The warm, gentle Low Level Light Therapy or Red Light Therapy delivers light energy similar to the way plants absorb photons of light produced by the sun.

The LightStim device emits a unique combination of distinctly colored LED lights customized for either Anti-Aging, Acne or Pain. The various colors correspond to the different beneficial wavelengths of light and reach different layers of the skin at the same time in just minutes. 

  • Anti-Aging Empower a more youthful and robust response to the aging process! LightStim Anti-Aging therapy simultaneously emits Amber, Light Red, Dark Red and Infrared wavelengths of light that work together to rejuvenate the skin, improve skin tone, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, diminish the appearance of redness and optimize skin function.
  • Acne Restore the skin’s healthy appearance! LightStim Acne therapy simultaneously emits Blue and Red wavelengths of light that work together to kill acne-causing bacteria, effectively calming breakouts and reducing redness for visibly improved, clear skin.
  • Pain Relieve pain naturally with a soothing treatment that sets the body’s inherent healing and pain-relieving process in motion! LightStim Pain therapy simultaneously emits Light Red, Dark Red, Infrared, and Deep Infrared wavelengths of light that work together to soothe tired muscles, aches and pains, increase local blood circulation and accelerate recovery.

What is the recommended treatment time?

LightStim therapy provides cumulative benefits with continual use. Treatments tend to run 20 minutes, but 10-15 minutes “Express Treatments” are also available for a quick boost meant to restore and rejuvenate. 

Pair it with other services!

LightStim therapy treatments work to help naturally restore and optimize skin function, and it also provides a foundation for even better results from other products and services such as microneedling and Shockwave Cellulite Therapy. 

It’s time to awaken and energize your skin for a vibrant and radiant glow! Ready to receive immediate, visible benefits? Call (864) 558-0200 and schedule your first LightStim therapy session today! 

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