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Brain Reboot IV

Improve your focus, attention, memory and overall cognition.

Do you have difficulty focusing or remembering? Do you have a heavy work week ahead with a project due or a tough exam? The Forum Health Brain Reboot IV is a potent blend designed to help detoxify, repair, and protect your brain on a cellular level 

Carefully created for anyone looking to:

  • Boost cognitive function 
  • Provide mental stamina 
  • Concentrate better  
  • Support preventative measures for Parkinson’s, Dementia or Alzheimer’s 
  • Rely less on stimulants like coffee or energy drinks 

What’s in the Brain Reboot IV?

  • Sodium Chloride 
  • Zinc Sulfate 
  • Pyridoxine  
  • Methylcobalamin   
  • B-Complex  
  • Taurine   
  • NAD +  
  • Selenium 
  • Ascorbic Acid     
  • Lysine    


IV Therapy Benefits

  • Feel better, FAST! Rapid delivery, and immediate absorption and distribution of substances throughout the body. 


  • Give your body what it needs! IV therapy ensures increased bioavailability, so a greater proportion of the administered substance reaches its target and is available for use by the body.


  • Rehydrate with potent electrolytes. Replenishing fluids, salts, and essential minerals help support proper bodily functions, which can be beneficial when dealing with chronic conditions, illness and more. 


  • Enhance recovery with a boost of vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids to increase energy, support immune function, and help in recovery from fatigue or illness.


  • Customize your IV to your needs. IV therapy can be tailored to treat your specific health conditions or desired health goals. 

Lift away the brain fog with Forum Health’s Brain Reboot IV!

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