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Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy Greenville, SC

Ozone has been used medicinally world-wide for decades as a safe and effective remedy for a variety of conditions. Ozone is O3 whereas the oxygen in the air we breathe is O2. The 3rd oxygen molecule is highly reactive which in chemistry terms means that it splits off forming singlet oxygen or O1. This form of oxygen has 2 powerful effects: it’s instantly lethal to any diseased or non-human cells including cancer, bacteria, viruses, spirochetes, fungi, and parasites. At the same time it strengthens and rejuvenates normal human cells. It also is highly effective at removing heavy metals from tissue including from nerve tissue making it our new preferred method of chelation.

What we Offer

These ozone properties create a wide application for medicinal use. Although most of the clinical studies have to do with cardiovascular disease, ozone therapy plays a significant role in the management of Lyme disease, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, diabetes, autoimmune disease, immune deficiency disorders, the infirmities of aging, pain and sickle cell anemia, to only name a few. There are numerous anecdotal reports of ozone permanently helping conditions such as herpes, HIV, Hepatitis. In 2014 in Sierra Leone, West Africa it was shown that Ebola virus could be eradicated in 72 hours with ozone. All patients who received ozone therapy made a complete recovery from Ebola.

Currently at Wellness by Design we use ozone in several different ways:

  1. . MAH/UBI. Major AutoHemolytic Therapy is our favorite method of ozone delivery as it offers the best bang for the buck. In this method an IV is started and the tubing is attached to an IV pump that actively pumps the blood into an empty IV bag. On its way into the bag, the blood passes through a device that irradiates it with 2 wavelengths of UV light—that is the “UBI” (Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation) portion of the treatment.  Once about 350 cc of blood has accumulated in the bag, ozone is bubbled in for about 5 minutes—turning it very bright red.  The pump direction is then reversed and the blood is pumped back into the same vein, passing again through the UV chamber.  So the patient now has ozonated blood with photons of light energy infusing into the vein.  The total amount of ozone delivered via this method is in the 70,000 mcg range plus the benefits of ozone combined with UV light are synergistic.  This method does require the use of some heparin (blood thinning agent.)
  2. Direct IV ozone is exactly as it sounds. An IV is started using a tiny 27 gauge butterfly into a vein and ozone gas is given intravenously directly into the vein. Although this sounds dangerous, in fact, in experienced hands, it is safe. Dr. Howard Robins of NYC is the world’s leading expert in this technique and he has trained Dr. Carver as well as 60 plus other physicians world wide in this procedure. He and his staff have administered over 280,000 treatments and have not had a single death—making this MUCH safer than taking Tylenol. His experience is mirrored by the doctors he has trained — not one has had a permanent serious outcome of any kind. The ozone gas quickly changes from gas phase to liquid phase as soon as it enters the vein.   Each IV delivers a maximum of 6,000 mcg of ozone.  No heparin is required.
  3. MIH stands for Minor Autohemolytic Therapy. In this method a member of our staff draws blood, mixes the blood with ozone and reinjects the ozonated blood into the gluteus maximus—the large hip muscle. This procedure is especially good for depression as well as autoimmune illness or allergies. This method is much less expensive but still has good immune modulating benefits. Many people do this weekly for 10 weeks to experience full benefits.
  4. Direct instillation of ozone. Ozone can be put into almost any body cavity or space except for the lungs. We have a special ear device in which ozone can be gently infused into the ear canal for tinnitus (ringing ears) or hearing loss or even vertigo (balance problems). Ozone can be instilled into the bladder which helps with interstitial cystitis. Ozone can be introduced into the rectum which is almost as good as intravenous ozone. Ozone can also be blown up into the sinuses which is an amazing way to combat sinusitis or even just a cold.
  5. Prolozone therapy. Prolozone is a procedure in which either a joint or a soft tissue is injected with ozone. We usually start first with injecting some procaine (an anesthetic) along with some B complex. Prolozone injections can almost immediately stop the pain of shingles. After 2 prolozone injections into a foot, a plantar’s wart will dissolve. Ozone can be injected into the prostate for relief of hyperplasia as well as an improvement in ED—Erectile Dysfunction. Prolozone injections into joints almost always help—with short term relief of pain and with long term rebuilding of the joints. We have an almost 70% chance of preventing knees from going to replacement surgery thanks to prolozone injections. Other joints respond equally well. To summarize, topical or locally injected treatments regimes are effective for both bacterial and mycotic dermatological infections, both acute and chronic cystitis, proctitis and colitis, intestinal parasitic disease, osteoarthritis, cervical and lumbar disc disease, osteomyelitis, rotator cuff tear, osteoarthritis of the knee and hip and acute and chronic dental osteitis. Displayed below are 2 x-rays of the same knee. The image on the left is of the knee prior to Prolozone injections. This patient in her late 50’s had pain that limited her daily activities. After a series of approximately 8 Prolozone injections every 2 weeks, not only were her symptoms completely relieved, but her x-rays improved. 


Because of this incredible versatility and effectiveness, if I could pick only one therapy to have at my office, without a doubt ozone therapy would be my clear choice.


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