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Personalized, transformative, and results-driven. Utilizing the most advanced methods of evaluation and treatment. Visit us at our convenient Greenville location or schedule a telehealth consult

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True Wellness

Personalized, transformative, and results-driven. Utilizing the most advanced methods of evaluation and treatment, we’re your partner on your journey to a healthy, vibrant life.

Functional Medicine Doctors In Greenville, SC

Integrative, functional medicine provider

Dr. Connie Casebolt-Carver is an international leader in sexual health, weight management, chronic disease, hormone imbalances, thyroid disorders, and pain management.

A Root-Cause
Approach to Care

We treat the whole person, exploring your lifestyle, environment, and genetics to get to the root cause of chronic conditions and to promote wellness and vitality.

We take the time to get to know you

The mission of Forum Health Greenville is to always provide care through the lens of compassion, honesty and affordability.

True Solutions for Life-Long Health

Forum Health Greenville – Located in Greenville, South Carolina – offers holistic, personalized medicine that targets the underlying causes of a disease and health challenges.

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Read Dr. Casebolt's
Highly Aclaimed Book

Wellness by Design, was famously endorsed by Ellen Degeneres, Jimmy Kimmel, and Suzanne Somers. She dispels common myths and covers the essentials people need to know to regain their health, including information on detoxification, nutrition, hormone balance, and exercise.

“If you want to do all you can to ensure a high quality and lengthy life, toss traditional medicine! This enjoyable and very educational book by Dr. Casebolt Carver is a must read!”
– Ellen DeGeneres, Comedian & Host of The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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